The city offers lovely coastlines, great diving, and a drawn tropical attitude. It would be quite a surprise to believe that Malta also has the world's largest number of historic sites! Here, you may choose from a wide range of activities, including relaxing on the beach, diving deep into the Mediterranean, and exploring a necropolis that dates back 5,000 years.


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In this blog, we will walk you through the complete Malta travel guide. The Places to visit, packages and more.






Language Spoken: The Maltese are linguistic experts! The majority of locals speak Maltese, while roughly 90% also speak English and 50% Italian.



When you visit places in Malta, bring both cash and cards with you. Although major cards aren't always accepted by large businesses and restaurants, most do. Additionally, you'll still need cash on hand for little purchases.



Malta has a Mediterranean climate, therefore the country is never too cold. The temperature ranges from 10° to 15° in the winter and 20° to 30 in the summer. Our team at Uranus travel will assist you when booking a Malta holiday package.


Best time to travel:

In Malta, the summer months can be overwhelming. The beaches can get very crowded and hotels are completely booked. From Christmas to the New Year, things briefly pick up again. If booking a Malta holiday package to visit during peak season, make plans in advance!



The number of events and holidays celebrated here could fill an entire book! Along with the yearly Isle of MTV event, there are festivals for art, jazz, beer, and wine during the summer.


Huge village festivals are also held throughout the islands. Because there are so many events on the schedule year-round, do some preparation before you go.



In an around Malta



Taxis: Due to the island's tiny size, taxis are the most popular and affordable mode of transportation. Keep an eye out for an official white cab and make sure the meter is turned on. Contact Uranus travel for questions about Malta holiday offers.


Public Transport: The majority of tourist locations are accessible by efficient public transportation. A 12-trip card costs 15 euros if you intend to use it frequently.


Ferry: You'll need to take a ferry from Malta to the other two islands, Comino and Gozo. At least one ferry departure per hour in most of the year, and the time frame is 30 minutes to reach. 

The Cirkewwa port is where you'll depart for either island. There are alternative options available to you, but overall, round-trip tickets should cost no more than 10 euros.


Walk: Beach Walks can be enjoyed on both Malta and Gozo Island. You can walk these routes to cover the entire island. If you're ready for it, this is a terrific opportunity to see a ton of various vistas despite the varied paths and terrain! Enjoy the unbeatable Malta travel experience when you book with Uranus Travel.


Staying in Malta

Although there are choices to stay on the nearby island of Gozo, most visitors chose to stay on the island of Malta because there are more restaurants, retailers, and transportation options. Since Valetta is the "ancient town" and the most popular tourist destination, there are numerous staying alternatives nearby. If you are from UAE, Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it will be easy to book Malta Holiday offers with Uranus Travel


Where to Eat in Malta

Maltese cuisine draws largely from Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, so when you're travelling to Malta, be prepared to encounter a unique fusion. On this island, you won't find anything fresher or more authentic than the freshly prepared pasta and seafood alternatives you'll find!


What to Do in Malta

When you visit Malta, you'll be astounded by the gorgeous architecture and interesting history of this small island. Being in the middle of the Mediterranean, you'll see a lot of factors from Italy, France, and other neighbouring nations, resulting in a lovely mingling of cultures, languages, and cuisine. Consider taking a boat tour or the free ferry to Gozo if you're up for a day trip.



The top places to visit and things to do in Malta are listed




The tiny capital city of Malta has an exceptionally high number of historic sites and was one of the first cities to be designated a UNESCO Heritage Site. It's ideal for simply exploring and taking in the city. Exploring the city would be convenient when you book a Malta tour package.



You may discover a sidewalk café, a hip market, and great photo-shot experiences in Marsaxlokk. Visit the fish market on Sundays.



It is an opportunity to explore the ancient fortified city to the south of Grand Harbour.

Discover secret riches by following the meandering pathways.



In Malta, you should plan a lot of time on the water. The coastline of Comino Island merits a full day of water exploration, and the Blue Lagoon is a must-see.



Although the Azure Window is sadly no longer there, you may still scuba dive to see it. The nearby island of Gozo, which is only accessible by ferry from Malta, has a ton of great diving locations.



We suggest going there to get one of Malta's greatest photo panoramic views, even though it's a bit expensive to explore and walk around and is more aimed toward families. When you visit Malta with Uranus Travel, our tour guide will explain to you the history and culture of Malta



This site still looks beautiful despite having been bombed. Bring your camera on a trip to Mosta's Rotunda Square.



These 17th-century towers, also known as Red Tower or Melliea Tower, have an intriguing history and offer a fantastic perspective if you climb to the top.



Malta is well-known for its crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. A must-see list of beaches includes St. Peter's Pool, Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, and Gajn Tuffiea. 



St. Paul's Bay is a tranquil coastal region on the northern shore. The historic town is home to many Maltese people, making it a fantastic place to come to learn about local culture.



What to Pack for Malta?



When you travel to Malta, Here are some things we recommend you should pack. 


Underwater Camera

The greatest time to utilize an underwater camera is on a Comino boat tour to Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon, while there will be many other opportunities to do so. We suggest GoPro. 


Portable Charger

If you frequently use your phone in Malta to access Google Maps and online research, consider bringing a portable charger.


Useful Water Bottle

It will be warm during the day if you visit Malta in the summer. Bring an insulated water bottle with you, then, to keep your water cool.


Since tap water is rarely consumed in Malta, fill your insulated water container with bottled water. Our tour guide will assist you prior when you visit. 

Uk Chargers

In Malta, they make use of the same plugs as the UK. If you don't use the 3-prong charger, bring an adapter. There may be some European outlets at select hotels.

Repellent for Mosquitoes

When going out in the summer, remember to spray bug repellent on your wrists and ankles because Malta has mosquitoes.


In Malta, cannons are frequently fired, mainly between noon and 4:00 p.m. So if you hear this noise, do not panic.

You might be visiting Malta either during the feast, in which case there will likely be more cannon fire and fireworks displays than usual late at night. The summer is filled with numerous feasts.

Perhaps one of our top recommendations for travellers to Malta is to think about bringing

some earplugs in case of nighttime noise.

Bottom Line

After reading this piece and acquiring some helpful travel advice for Malta, we think you'll agree that the island nation is worthwhile of a trip.

Book with Uranus Travel today to enjoy the best Malta holiday packages and offers. Enquire here.



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