Amazing Bucket list Experiences in Dubai


1. Burj Khalifa


When visiting the great city of Dubai, a visit to the Khalifa tower is a must.  Dubai vacation can be perfect without a round in the Burj and taking photos from up there. 

Getting high, and visiting the Emirati skyscraper in the center of Dubai Downtown, Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world. It crosses the limits of our abilities, combining advanced technology with great cultural influences that met together splendidly to create an iconic landmark of the 21st century and probably for another one. Take a helicopter ride over the city for a city sightseeing Dubai, and get the pilot to wait over the Burj Khalifa.The Burj Khalifa, also known as one of the movie-sets for Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise, is in the new district Downtown Dubai.

burj khalifa.jpg



2. Dubai Fountain


There are a lot of music fountains in UAE. However, there is none like the Dubai Fountain. UAE has a unique romance with water in general, and you will find a lot of squares where water is an essential element of landscaping. The fountain is located on the 30-acre lake in Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai, between Souk AI Bahar and The Dubai Mall. It was designed by the creators of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Adequately luminous through 6,600 momentous illumination, the Dubai Fountain be ready to shoot water aware of five hundred feet, that is much high as a fifty story building. It be able to sprinkle twenty two thousand gallons of water observable all around at any moment. It can make different models plus blends recognizable all approximately, that is significantly esteemed by the spectators.

dancing fountain.jpg


3. Palm Jumeirah


It is without a question that every Dubai holidays must include a trip to the grand Palm Jumeirah. Listed as one of the marvels of the 21st century, this man-made archipelago is the symbol of opulence that defines Dubai.Considered to be an eighth wonder of the modern world, the Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago located on the Jumeirah coastal area of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Stretching 5 km into the Arabian Gulf and shaped like a date palm, Palm Jumeirah is created using land reclamation by Nakheel Group and is part of a larger series of developments called the Palm Islands. 

When you visit Dubai, you must visit the palm tree-shaped island and indulge yourself in the luxury it offers. This stunning architectural wonder is home to some of the top luxury resorts, world-class fine dining restaurants, entertainment hubs, and some exciting attractions. 

palm jumeirah.jpg


4. Dubai Creek


The city’s up and coming commercial hub and lively residential district – Dubai Creek Harbour, provides an experience that can be best described as, heavenly. Many visitors, ex-pats and residents of the secluded sub-community collectively agree, that its tropical scenery is enveloped by an immaculate backdrop.There are several places to see and visit Dubai Creek every day indoors or outdoors. You also have fun and romantic things to do at night. Spend more time with your children at Dubai Creek with family activities. Keep in mind to enjoy your trips for today or this weekend with the children or your better half in this outstanding space.

dubai creek.jpg


5. The Dubai Desert


The vast Arabian Desert is about to become your home for the day when you embark upon this once in a lifetime, unforgettable Desert Safari tour. With collection available straight from your hotel, get ready to be picked up and whisked away to the beautiful landscapes by your professional driver. Steer through the dunes at an exhilarating pace, twisting and turning across the smooth sandy backdrop as you soak in the stunning blue skies and serene surroundings. The desert of Dubai is a unique natural landscape, where golden dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s not the sort of place you see very often, and in my opinion, no Dubai trip would be complete without a little desert adventure.However, the best desert safaris in Dubai also provide you with an immersive opportunity to encounter traditional Arabic and Bedouin culture, customs, and food as well as a chance to interact with the native wildlife of the desert.Dubai Desert Safari.jpg


6. The Dubai Mall


Dubai Mall holds the name tag of being the largest mall in the world. Located in Financial Center Street, Along Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Burj Khalifa – UAE. It includes over 1,200 retail shops, attracting 54 million visitors every year. It is the perfect catch location for shopaholics. Dubai is the 'shopping capital of the Middle East'. The city boasts of duty-free luxury goods reasonably priced as compared to their price in western countries. Low custom duties have helped the Dubai International Airport to be one of the best visited duty-free airports in the world.The mall offers multiple dining options like the Katsuya, Vapiano, Panda Chinese, etc. Entertainment destinations like the Dubai Ice Rink, Reel Cinemas, Emirates A380, etc. can be visited to have a complete family outing. The aquarium, located in The Dubai Mall is one of the main and most visited attractions in Dubai, showcases more than 300 species of marine animals, including sharks and rays.

Dubai mall image.jpg


7. Dubai Frame


The Dubai Frame is an impressive rectangular picture-frame-shaped building, 150m tall and 105m wide, located in Zabeel Park in Dubai. It is an iconic architectural landmark, as well as an observation deck.Indeed, the Dubai Frame is intentionally built to visit and enjoy staggering city sights, something other than a novelty fascination.While it couldn’t match the Burj Khalifa in level, it gives some fabulous city views. A visit to the Dubai Frame takes you from the present and into the future.It was recently constructed, to be the emblem of new face of Dubai. This is the largest photo frame building in the world. 

Begin your Dubai Frame experience from the ground floor or the structure’s horizontal section. Main highlight here is a museum and gallery. It uses the most advanced technology, along with an array of exhibits including holographic images and multimedia displays, to fascinatingly throw light on Dubai’s transformation from a quaint fishing village to an astounding global city.Admire Old and New Dubai from a Single Frame.After checking out the Dubai Past Gallery, you’ll next board a glass elevator which swiftly transports you to the topmost floor or the upper horizontal rib of Dubai Frame in just 75 seconds. Known as the Sky Deck, it invites you to revel in the city’s breathtaking contrasts. While one side gives you the outstanding views of modern Dubai, the other side will journey you back in time, thanks to the understated yet charming structures that dot Karama, Bur Dubai, Deira, and Umm Hurair areas.

dubai frame.jpg



8. The Green Planet Dubai


 The Green Planet Dubai will make sure to take you close to flora and fauna. It is home to around 3000 species of plants and animals. It is the best place to visit with your family. The place educates its visitors about the importance and types of tropical forest. This place is the major attraction of Dubai in terms of nature and education. There is no other attraction like it in the whole Middle East. It is a kinda bio-dome that plays the rainforest. Consisting of over 3000 species of flora and fauna. It got a futuristic, thought-process and never-tiring verve. Which create one of the most-visited tourist goals. Amongst its worth of mind-boggling and jaw-dropping interests is the green planet-indoor rainforest Dubai.Visitors are welcome to secure a booking in advance to access the bio-dome’s natural wonders from 7 PM until 8 AM the next morning by spending the night at a comfortable tent. Available on Thursdays and Fridays, the experience is available for parties of two and four. Experience an enchanting night in the forest accompanied by its inhabitants. green planet dubai.jpg


9. Museum of the Future


One of Dubai’s variety of architectural wonders- The Museum of Future, envisions the future through mind-blowing shows and state-of-the-art design components.Museum of the future is a centre of creativity and hope brought out in its magnificent shape. The Museum is a combination of exhibition elements, immersive theatre and a themed attraction. This invites you to look beyond the present to the future.

The Museum of Future, Dubai – is another era museum themed on modern-day technology. As the name proposes, this gallery displays an amalgamation of the things from the future, ranging from games and gadgets ideas which further make a visit here a lot more fun. Whether you are intending to visit here with your children or simply want to explore it all alone, this historical center will most likely entertain you.

The museum is intended to incubate and bring to life all futuristic technological innovations and designs. It is meant to drive innovation and serve as a friendly destination for inventors and entrepreneurs globally. The Museum of the Future is the UAE’s offering to mark the beginning of great achievements. 

museum of the future dubai.jpg


10. The Beaches 


Dubai is known for its glistening skyscrapers and the arid dunes of the desert, but over the past few years, Dubai is becoming popular as a seaside destination. The city has a long coastline with white sand Dubai beaches and crystal clear waters, giving fierce competition to any tropical island! Even if you’re in Dubai for only a short period of time, there’s no reason to skip visiting the beach! When you combine the sand, the views, and the awe-inspiring ocean that Dubai beaches have to offer. You’ll soon see why it’s a must-visit area on your travel list. The heat can be quite intense here, so the option of dipping into the water to cool off at a moment’s notice is a treat that you can’t beat!


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