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Egypt a mysterious Middle Eastern country linked with northeast Africa. It is also called Misr in Arabic & it is also one of the most populous countries in North Africa, the Middle East & Arab world. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It is the most fascinating & unforgettable travel destination. It has the most enduring historical monuments. It had a history of the world’s most advanced society, successive civilization & sophisticated culture. Because of this, they marveled the megastructure such as the pyramid of Giza & Karnak's stones temple. The renowned Nile River is the heart of Egypt. If you are planning a trip to Egypt then our travel experts are here to assists you. Just contact us.

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Things to Know When You Travel to Egypt

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Places to visit in Egypt

Egypt is the oldest travel destination in the world with its fascinating history. Egyptians were ahead of their time they built the awe-inspiring pyramids & temples which attracts the attention of the visitors from many years. There are not only monuments but Egypt also has the natural beckon, coral reefs & beach resorts. There are some places to visit such as Giza Necropolis: for Pyramids & Sphinx, Luxor: known for temples of Karnak & Luxor, Cairo: The modern capital which has the heart (The Nile River) of Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh: Beach Resort, Alexandria: Leading port of Egypt, Hurghada: known for its sandy beaches. The above places are the must-visit destinations of Egypt.

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Things to do in Egypt

Egypt is an ancient place but it does not mean that the only reason to visit there is to experience the landmarks & places because there are also a lot of things to do like other countries. Here are some other good things you can enjoy such as: Having cultural food, especially breakfast is the essential activity to experience. You can also ride a camel while visiting the pyramids, It makes you feel exciting & cool and taking a walk in the most traditional bazaar (Khan-el-Khalili) in Cairo gives you a unique feel, it is a unique attraction for both Egypt & the tourist. Egypt has the things for all kind of taste if you are adventurous then you can go for chilling sand boarding. And the most important is to have an hour Cruise ride on the Nile. It is recommended; don’t leave Egypt without cruising the Nile.


Nightlife in Egypt

Although Egypt is an Islamic country & it is not considered as the biggest partying & drinking destination in the world. but you can enjoy the night by visiting the bars & clubs which are mostly located inside the hotels or you can do other things to entertain your night such as you can spend the hours at coffee shop with sampling a water pipe sheesha or you can go to cinemas. But only if you are willing to do some partying then there some pubs & clubs you can visit & enjoy the night such as Cap d’Or: the only surviving typical Alexandrian bar, Fishawi’s, Caribbean Beach Bar, Camel Roof Bar, Pub 28, Spitfire: One of the best bars in town. Other than these, there are many other hotels’ bars you can enjoy if you are in the modern capital of Egypt, Cairo.

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