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Manila the capital of Philippines is officially called a city of Manila. It is the most populated region of the country & one of the wealthiest regions in Southeast Asia. It is located at the eastern shores of Manila Bay. Manila, the term is commonly used for a whole metropolitan area. It is the home of many historic sites. It is also known as the Paris of Asia. Manila is the friendliest place on earth, the locals show the respect & welcome the visitors warmly. There are many Islands in the Philippines but the majority of the people live in Luzon Island, it is located at the northern end of the country. It is the largest and the most populous Island in the Philippines. It is known for its beaches, mountain & the coral reefs.

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Things to do in Manila

Manila is the capital of 7641 Island of Philippines and has a reputation of being a city that offers a lot of activities. Here are some activities or things to do in Manila. Taking a cruise, having a view of Manila Bay while enjoying dinner & live entertainment is the most stunning thing you experience. While walking from north to south at Manila Bay watching the sunset is very pleasing. And if you are a shopping lover then Divisoria is one stop shop for everything. You can buy anything at a very lower price. And any activity cannot be completed without tasting the local foods & beverages, So a food trip in Binondo is a good way to taste the traditional foods. There you can find a variety of foods such as famous Filipino dessert halo-halo, classic noodles & some other quick snacks with a local beer.


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Places to visit in Manila

In spite of an Island there are even many places to visit such as; visiting the Rizal Park makes you feel calm. It is a 19th-century park. Other than this park there are many amusement parks (Ocean Park, DreamWorks, dream play, Star city) where you can enjoy. There is also a walk down the historical street which was built in 1571 by Spanish. There are plenty of colonial houses & structures still standing in spite of several wars & natural disasters. And if you love arts & painting stuff then there is also National Art Museum of Fine Arts with a gigantic 4 meters high painting. At last a trip to Manila cannot be completed without visiting the old & historical churches such as; Black Nazarene, Quiapo Church, Manila Cathedral etc.

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Nightlife in Manila

There is something for everyone after Dark in Manila. After all, it is metropolitan which hosts a variety of venues for every type of people. It delivers both generic nightlife & specific venues. Manila’s nightlife is considered is one of the best in Asia. There are plenty of clubs and bars which are always crowded. Usually, the nightclubs are very cheap there with alcohol, entrance fees etc. but some of the high-end nightclubs such as Revel also charge only $10 for entrance fee with a drink. There are some reasonable bars & clubs where you can easily enjoy such as; Red light districts, Valkyrie at the Palace, Chaos, Strumm’s, Hooch, City of dream Manila etc.

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