What is Printemps Paris ? 

Printemps is a French department store chain. The Printemps stores focus on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, accessories, and men's wear. The Printemps was a founder and has been a member of the International Association of department stores from 1928 to 1997, an international body still active as of today.

Opening its doors in 1865, in the heart of Paris, Printemps is one of the world's leading department stores for fashion, luxury & beauty. With an astonishing total area of 45,000 sqm dedicated to shopping, dining, tailor-made services.

Ever since its creation in 1865, Printemps has constantly reinvented itself. Anticipating major societal changes, being of benefit to all, enhancing beauty by focusing on ethical consumption and constantly surprising its audience are just a few of Printemps’ commitments.


Printemps Reinvents Itself

Printemps is reinventing itself with new concepts and new spaces.


Untitled design (10).png


The beach
Beneath the cupola, a majestic Art Deco work located on the 6th floor, the beach comes into view A new area combining swimwear and decorative accessories will be unveiled here. Designed to herald the summer, the décor celebrates the beach and adventure. Various events, such as DJ sets, will be held at weekends.


Printemps Land 

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, Printemps is morphing into an amusement park, a dynamic and vibrant playground full of fun, surprises and excitement. In a colorful and playful atmosphere, illusions, games and larger-than-life features fill the windows and animate the scenes of each storefront. Printemps Land is a lively event full of the most wildly outrageous pairings: stripes cavort with prints, polka dots with stripes, and colors pair up for a roller coaster ride, even when they clash!
Printemps Land is also a chance to unveil spectacular window displays, inaugurate new Printemps concepts and celebrate the arrival of exceptional guests: JoeyStarr at Bleu Coupole and Paul Smith at Café Vert.




From March 30 through June 25, Lacoste is featured in the atrium of Printemps Haussmann. To celebrate Printemps Land, the space is transforming into a giant tennis court.


Untitled design (11).png

Inside, more than 4,000 hanging tennis balls trace a chronophotographic movement, as suspended mannequins battle it out in a spectacular imaginary tennis match. It’s a truly immersive experience within a surreal world, as though suspended in time. This energizing psychedelic display serves as a showcase for the brand’s iconic polo collections, as well as this summer’s collections of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories. For its 90th anniversary, Lacoste is celebrating its iconic and cross-generational contribution to fashion by presenting a line of five polo shirts, as a symbol of the diversity and cultural range of the famous crocodile. For the occasion, an exclusive t-shirt and polo shirt are available only at Printemps.




Untitled design (12).png

Guest chef at the Bleu Coupole restaurant


Third act for the menu at the Bleu Coupole inaugurated in March 2022, which is celebrating its first anniversary. After Elvira Masson and Héloïse Brion, aka Miss Maggie’s Kitchen, now it’s JoeyStarr’s turn to offer up his own exclusive menu under the direction of Clément Blondeau, the Executive Chef at Printemps. It was originally for Christmas in 2021 that JoeyStarr revealed his radical passion for cuisine, everyday food items and, above all, his eagerness to meet and highlight all the artisans and producers who work hard every day to create a living, committed and shared cuisine. For him, cuisine is a movement and a profound form of civic engagement.


At Bleu Coupole, the menu by Didier Morville, akaJoeyStarr, is inventive and original.

Appetizers and entrées that blend delicious flavors:
• crab soup, Talo tortilla and ceviche, sea asparagus or mango duck salad;
• stuffed mackerel, pecan-crusted trout, flank steak with chimichurri, sausage and mash and leeks with garlic pesto and cheese or pulled veal with satay;
• casserole of gourmet vegetables with ginger and curry.

Updated classics for the dessert selection:
• rum French toast;
• creampuff with Gianduja vanilla cream and
caramelized hazelnuts;
• fruit salad with ginger and hibiscus nage sauce with lime;
• molten chocolate cake with banana flambé.


Paul Smith


Untitled design (13).png

Guest chef at Café Vert
Paul Smith is the first exclusive guest chef at Café Vert, located on the ground floor of Printemps Men’s at Printemps Haussmann, which opened in 2022. Decorated in a vibrant color palette, Café Paul Smith draws inspiration from the brutalist architecture and domestic interiors of the mid-20th century, particularly the designer Ray Eames and the Italian architect Lina Bo Bardi. Inside, an eclectic mix of vintage furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s, notably including chairs by Carlo Ratti and Bauman Halfa and chaise longue chairs by Frantisek Jirak for Tatra, reupholstered with a custom fabric in Paul Smith colors and stripes. An exhibit table in the Memphis style rounds out the interior, in reference to the Paul Smith Spring-Summer ’23 collection, inspired by Postmodernism, while artworks selected by Paul Smith adorn the walls.

On the menu, the items lend an authentic British touch, with traditional meals:
• egg with toast and beans or toast and marmalade;
• English Breakfast with muffin and bacon or smoked salmon;
• club sandwiches and inventive salads;
• fish or beef croquette in red curry with homemade fries;
• traditional pudding.
As the ultimate privilege, customers can purchase a selection of objects signed by Paul Smith, some of which were custom-made for the café: silverware, a thermos and gardening accessories to grow the plants sold at Kaki, the plant shop next to the café.



Printemps Land is also an opportunity to ring in the spring season and celebrate the first anniversary of the Printemps store’s new visual identity and the opening of its many new concepts in March 2022. The new season marks the bloom of yet another crop of Printemps concepts: accessories at La Box, a unique fashion selection at Le Patio, the Hors Paire space dedicated to footwear, a special shop for Nuit Blanche and Le Bar Perché next to the bookstore La Libraire par Gibert.



The pop-up bookstore at Printemps


Untitled design (14).png

An institution and legacy name in French bookselling, founded in 1886 by Joseph Gibert at 23, Quai Saint-Michel in Paris, Gibert was also a pioneer in buying and selling used books. The legendary store has now created La Librairie Par Gibert, a pop-up bookstore offering nearly 20,000 titles through the end of September on Level 7 of Printemps Homme. 80% new and 20% used, the books are organized by theme: Art Books, How-To, Comics & Manga and a children’s collection. On the same floor, Le Bar Perché and its terrace offer the ideal spot to sit and read with an unforgettable view of the Paris skyline.



A literary bar with a view


Untitled design (15).png

Le Bar Perché and its massive terrace with an exceptional view of the Eiffel Tower and the rooftops of Paris is the ideal spot for tea time, a coffee break, cocktail or after-work outing.
The all-day menu offers:
• a selection of wines by glass or bottle;
• beers, ciders, fruit juices and sodas;
• cocktails with or without alcohol;
• charcuterie and cheese boards (also available in veggie version);
• tea, hot chocolate and matcha latte;
• espresso and cappuccino;
• cake, cookies and muffins for a delicious and comforting snack.



Game-changing new accessories.


Untitled design (16).png

Within an immersive and unique space, Printemps is presenting the creations of the most iconic, inspiring and creative accessory brands. Within a sun-soaked yellow decor, alongside the great Jérôme Dreyfuss and Marc Jacobs, the space offers bags and jewelry from around twenty brands: the season’s classics and the must-haves of the moment, presented in an artsy décor including, Statement, Mizuki, Pearls Before Swine, Alighieri, Strathberry, Destree, By Far, Elleme and Yuzefi.



A selection of hyper-fashionable footwear.


Untitled design (17).png

Hors Paire is a new space dedicated to the latest creative trends in footwear. In shades of green, one of the emblematic colors of the new Printemps visual identity, the space is designed in the brand’s image: a place for discovering new items and the latest trends. Serving as a library of trends, the space presents a selection of the most forward-thinking designs from fifteen of today’s top brands, notably including Aeyde, Souliers Martinez, Miista, Ganni, By Far, Naked Wolfe, Elleme and Carlotha Ray.



A sunny wardrobe and creative objects.

Untitled design (18).png

Le Patio is the new multi-brand store at Printemps Femme. Within an all-wood décor, the space offers a selection of dresses that blend chic and bohemian trends, as well as a line of accessories and small decorative items. The atmosphere is welcoming and peaceful, inviting customers to escape the ordinary. The selection features creations marked by distinctive colors and prints: the silhouettes are ethereal, the materials are airy and the volumes move with grace and femininity. The shop notably includes iconic pieces by Mirae, Chufy, Mes Desmoiselles, By Malene Birger, Rohe, Matteau, Farm Rio, Peony and Monoki La.



Style till the break of dawn.



Printemps is inaugurating a new fashion space dedicated to women seeking the perfect silhouette for a nighttime event or party. The tone is subtly chic and sophisticated for resolutely festive occasions, matching the space’s décor inspired by 80s nightlife: an elegant blend of neon lights combined with an array of psychedelic colors. For a ceremony, cocktail or a whole evening, the creations can be worn from morning to night, or even from night to morning. The items range from light sophistication to all-out glamour, including pieces by Jason Wu, Retrofete, Mirela Cireca, More Noir and Giambattista Valli.




A Duo at the Top


Untitled design (19).png


Artistic Director Valérie Messika is reinterpreting Printemps Haussmann’s 7ème Ciel rooftop lounge, creating an elegant, relaxed setting to enjoy breath-taking views over the capital and its iconic Eiffel Tower.
With its exceptional panoramic view, Café Messika is an open-air space, where the beauty of its materials meets clean, sweeping lines. The space is designed in the image of the Maison: shards of gold, contemporary neon lights, fine marble and polished mirrors create a luxurious, modern feel.



Untitled (850 × 450 px) (1).png


A new destination where visitors can take to the skies and escape for a cocktail or gourmet treat, Café Messika is already establishing itself as an unmissable spot. From the sun’s first rays to the moment it dips behind the rooftops, the space adapts to the time of day: freshly made smoothies for vitamin-infused mornings; healthy lunches with a little fizz at midday; gourmet snacks with a delicious “ice cream and cookies” menu; and evenings of cocktails, champagne and DJ sets to celebrate the sacred hour of the French aperitif under the stars.
The ephemeral open-air setting offers a multitude of experiences not to be missed, with celebratory gourmet moments on offer throughout the day. Café Messika promises a season where the sky’s the limit, where you can take the time to savour every moment.



Untitled (600 × 900 px).png


Everything in Café Messika is a nod to the Move collection. The space plays with arches and mirrors, floating and moving lights, and a central bar with curved lines. The whole space hums with energy, a jewel in and of itself. With art deco accents, the atmosphere pays homage to the Maison’s iconic collection in its entirety.
Echoing the Messika 2023 aesthetic, the Artistic Director has also distilled the setting’s colors into a beautiful play between red, blue and purple. The tones punctuate the space, with touches of color visible on the cushions, menus, porcelain mugs, and even in the bar’s cocktails. It’s a chic, gourmet, colorful vibration that serves to awaken the senses.


Untitled (600 × 900 px) (600 × 642 px).png


In this ephemeral rooftop café, warm moments of togetherness coexist with gourmet experiences through a collaboration with famous chef and friend of Valérie Messika, Juan Arbelaez. The menu is crafted in the image of Messika designs: simple, pure, masterful. A mix of guilty, not guilty: a search for indulgence and pleasure through healthy products. These unique creations bring together ingenious contrasts of flavor and texture: hot and cold, sweet and salty; every dish is a new culinary experience to be discovered and shared. The menu also features a selection of pastries for a memorable gourmet moment. As multi-faceted as a diamond and perched on the 7th floor of Printemps, Café Messika lights up the Parisian sky. The ultimate destination to escape and dream, for a summer season that touches the heavens.





We are pleased to offer to you, our dear client an exclusive co-branded experience with the following benefits: 

  • Personalized Welcome service at the Printemps reception
  • Welcome Offer to our loyalty program with 5% OFF on your shopping day
  • Gourmet Break on Printemps rooftop
  • Priority Tax refund service directly on site.





We are pleased to offer to you, our dear client an exclusive co-branded experience with the following benefits:

  • Personalized Welcome service at the VIP Lounge
  • Personal Assistant at disposal
  • Personal Shopper at disposal
  • Premium offer to our loyalty program with 5% OFF on your shopping day
  • Gourmet Break on Printemps rooftop
  • Priority Tax Refund Service by your Personal Assistant
  • Shopping Delivery at Parisian Address 



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