It is one of Southeast Asia's most popular and visited destinations, beside these there are many reasons to explore Thailand. It is a country brimming with possibilities and to-dos, from plenty of things to do in Thailand to beaches that epitomize ultra-modern Bangkok and stunning temples.

In Thailand, there is no shortage of things to do on your vacation. Even a zoo visit is a unique experience, as you explore and see gentle giants like elephants at Phuket's Elephant Jungle Sanctuary or feed a tiger baby at Pattaya's Sriracha Tiger Zoo. At Bangkok's Art in Paradise, discover art in a whole new light, or get in touch with your adventurous side with a day excursion to Tree Top Adventure Park Krabi. With a visit to Ayutthaya or classical performances at the Siam Niramit Show, you may learn about the Thai people's history and culture.

Thailand has an infinite list of things to do, making it one of the top holiday destinations. Thailand is more than temples, malls, and beaches. There are innumerable things to do in this amazing nation, from circus schools to floating markets; island hopping to the most delectable street delicacies; magnificent beaches to exciting nightlife; Thailand is a spectrum of colorful experiences.


Here are the top 10 activities you can do in Thailand.


1. Take the ferry to James Bond Island in Phuket.


  • On Thailand's shoreline, visit the iconic needle-shaped James Bond Island.
  • Kayak across Hong Island's picturesque caverns, mangrove swamps, and lagoons.
  • While swimming in the lagoon, take in the spectacular view of Panak Island.
  • Enjoy a thrilling speedboat ride from Ao Poe Pier to Phang Nga Bay.
  • Experience the magnificence of the island's mangrove vegetation and antique murals.


2. Chao Phraya Cruise Dinner, Bangkok


  • Explore Thai traditions on a romantic cruise down the Chao Phraya River.
  • Onboard, enjoy regaling live performances by professionally trained singers.
  • On the ship, enjoy Thailand's engaging traditional dance performance.
  • See iconic landmarks such as the Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn, and Flower Market.
  • Dine on a 2-hour supper buffet with a mix of dishes from around the world.


3. Bangkok Floating Market Tour


  • Take a fun exploring tour of Bangkok's Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.
  • A skilled English-speaking guide will teach you about the rich Thai tradition and culture.
  • Take a long-tail boat trip through the Bangkok Floating Market's maze of waterways.
  • Explore one of Bangkok's oldest markets, Maeklong Railway Market, and discover how the train goes directly through it.
  • Maeklong Market is one of the oldest markets in Bangkok's old city.
  • See how the train goes straight through the Railway Market.


4. Explore the Marine Life at Underwater World Pattaya


  • Enjoy Thailand's first modern aquarium, which spans a large 4.75-acre area.
  • See over 5000 aquatic species, 200 distinct marine animals, and coral reefs.
  • Experience the beauty of the 6 attractive zones, which include the coral reef zone, the open ocean zone, and more.
  • Participate in various feeding initiatives for aquatic species such as koi fish and sea turtles.
  • In the Touch Pool, you can interact with marine species such as starfish and sea cucumbers.


5. Mahanakhon Skywalk Bangkok


  • Experience Thailand's tallest observation tower deck at the Mahanakhon SkyWalk.
  • To get to the 360 interior observation deck, take a digital elevator.
  • Dare to walk on the 78th floor's transparent glass trays at a level of 310 meters.
  • Relish a one-of-a  fine dining with a panoramic skyline view at the Thai taste hub.
  • Visit in the afternoon for a spectacular sunset view, or late at night for a sparkling vista of Bangkok.


6. Visit Dolphin World Pattaya


  • Have a good time at Pattaya Dolphin World, which is home to exotic Irrawaddy "smiling" dolphins.
  • Watch the dolphins do balancing, jumping, and diving tricks.
  • View a lighthearted encounter with one of the most clever creatures on the planet.
  • Participate in sports such as horseback riding, artificial rock climbing, ATV rides, and so on.


7. Take a Fantastic Ayutthaya Day Tour


  • Witness the 42-meter-long enormous white smiling Reclining Buddha.
  • Experience the magnificent complex gardens of Bang Pa In Summer Palace, which was originally used by royalty.
  • At Bang Pa Palace, see the beautiful crafting work on every wall, as well as the Chinese decorations.
  • Visit Bangkok's ancient city of Ayutthaya, which goes back to the 14th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Wat Ya Chai Mongkol has an amazing number of Buddha sculptures.


8. Dream World Bangkok


  • Experience the greatest sensation of exhilaration as you board various coasters.
  • Discover the world of snow at -8°C in Snow Town, in which you could sledge ride and ski.
  • Bring the kids to the kid-friendly Speedy Mouse and your pals to the Haunted Mansion and Tornado.
  • Participate in The Colors of the World Parade and other shows that include among the most popular cartoon characters.
  • Try the Hanging Coaster, Space Mountain, Super Splash, Cable Car, and more thrilling slides.
  • Explore the themed park such as Family World, Fantasy World, X-Zone, and Small World.
  • While touring the theme park, take photos of the Seven Wonders of the World.


9. Visit Art in Paradise, Bangkok


  • Visit Art In Paradise Bangkok, one of the largest illusion art museum in the world, to dazzle your senses.
  • Explore the Aqua and Safari, Classic Art, Fantasy, Nature, and Modern Art zones.
  • Explore the 2500 square meter space and encounter with 150 paintings.
  • Participate in the intriguing displays, step into the 3D artworks, and unleash your inner artist.


10. Visit Sanctuary of Truth


  • Discover Thailand's well-known wood temple and study the history of the Thai wood carving (no nails) construction style.
  • Learn about the cultural significance of the 105-meter-tall structure with the help of a language expert.
  • At the front of the World's Largest Wooden Castle, watch a Thai cultural dance and martial arts performance.
  • Powerboat touring around the temple to catch the complete vista of the wooden temple castle
  • Learn about many ideologies with four wings dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chinese, and Indian religious traditions.
  • Enjoy added activities such as an elephant ride, horseback riding, and an ATV ride to your visit to the Sanctuary of Truth.

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