Turkey a nation is located in Eurasia. Ankara city is the modern capital of Turkey but Istanbul is the largest city with a population of 15 million people. Istanbul is the most popular city as per the country’s economy, historic center & culture. It attracts more visitors than any other city of Turkey. Istanbul is an incredible city because it has the breathtaking taking architecture, it straddles the ancient & modern world and it is the only city in the world that lies in both Asia & Europe. Because of its culture and history, there are a lot of places to explore.

Istanbul is also known its taste & food. There are some travelers whose first activity is to experience the food because their street foods are very delicious such as kebab, Simit – bread rings with sesame seeds, Borek pastry with meat or vegetables, Gozleme pancakes etc.  Not only the food, there are beverages which is also much loved by tourists such as Turkish coffee & wine. It is a traditional coffee which you can find almost in a restaurant or café. Along with foods, there is a traditional Turkish bath which is called Hammam, having it, is also a very popular activity. And to reach the roof of Galata Tower offers you a beautiful view of the city which is so pleasing.

It is a mixture of European & the Asian culture. There are many things to do, it takes almost the month to explore it completely but there are some must activities to do.

Visiting the Sultan Ahmad Mosque (Blue Mosque) is one of the top things to do. Without visiting the mosque, a visit cannot be completed. Second is, Experience the beautiful view of the city from the top of Galata Tower. And if you want to have the most exciting shopping experience then just walk down the street of Grand Baazar.

This City is loaded with many entertainment destinations such as electric bars, club & restaurants, beach side clubs etc. There are many ways to spend the night joyfully. There are plenty of great music club such as Reina, Sortie, Club 29, X-large, Suada club etc. As well as the best bars like Ghetto, Babylon, and the Nupera etc. And if you are with your beloved ones then you can have a romantic walk on the Galata Bridge. There is also an across cruise service, where you can enjoy your dinner while having a sightseeing view of Europe & Asia.

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