Nobody knows where the name came from. It is the south-central & the fourth most populated place in Europe. It is located in the heart of Europe “Mediterranean sea”.  Rome is the heart capital  of Italy. The population of Italy is around 61 million. It is the very ancient city in Europe because there are many historical monuments that can be found everywhere. It is known for its art & ancient culture. Before it was called ‘The Bel Paese’ means Beautiful City. It has many beautiful sights and tourists attraction.

Italy is surrounded by beautiful green mountains, alpine lakes & coasts, and all these things grab the visitor’s attention.  Here are some must visit places.

Rome – Obvious to start with Rome because it is the cosmopolitan capital city, known for its overwhelming art, architecture and culture. You can easily find the art and history at every corner of the street. 

Florence – It is the home of masterpiece Renaissance art and architecture. From the fashion perspective, it is ranked on 15 positions in world’s fashion capital.

Venice – Oh k! Who does not know this beautiful city which is called the City on The Water, Venice? It is totally built on 100 of Small Island and this city has just canals, no roads. All the transportation is done by the boats.

Milan – A global capital of fashion & design, known for its highly maintained restaurants & shops which has the most skyscrapers in Italy.

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe & does not require any introduction. No wonder the world has been impacted by its beautiful artworks, impressive castles & palaces etc.   But from palaces there are many other things a traveler should do. You can take a night ride on the vaporetto in Venice or you can spend some quality time by looking at the Last Supper painting, a masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. To experience the spectacular view of Florence city you can climb at Florence’s Duomo & eating the pizza would be too good in the pizza born city Naples and do some other things such drive through amalfi coast, taking a sunbath on Sardinia, see an Opera at Verona etc.

Day time in Italy is perfect for families & the travelers who are interested in amazing artwork, attractive places & food lovers but for those who are looking for a good time to spend the night in Italy then Italy offers them a unique nightlife experience. Because there are plenty of vibrant nightclubs in almost every city and all makes you feel different. Here are some cities mention below where you can enjoy the night.

Milan is the home of ton of the best night clubs in Italy. Rome night clubs are perfect for good foods & wines & the liveliest night clubs you would find in Florence. As I mentioned above every city of Italy has the unique night clubs so as Venice, Sicily etc. Does not matter where are you staying in Italy, you can spend your night enjoy fully.

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