Ananuri water reservoir, an artificial water reservoir located on the river Aragvi in Georgia. It was formed in the 20th century during the construction of hydroelectric dam. This place is witnessed on your way to Kazbegi or Gudauri. It’s a beautiful place with spectacular views and ideal for photographs.

Gudauri is two hours drive from the capital. Along the Georgian Military Highway near the Jvari Pass at an elevation of 2,200 meters above sea level is located this beautiful Ski resort. It is the most ideal place for any ski lovers. As it is above the tree line the snow slides are quiet safe here. Ski season starts by December and lasts till April.

Metekhi Church - Overlooking the Mtkvari River on the cliff plateau is located this Church. The Church that dates back centuries has plenty of historical facts linked to it. History says that this Church has survived so many pitfall and it was renovated during the 18th century by the will of Erekle II.

Narikala Fortress - It is the ancient symbol capital’s defence. This was established when the city was found. Arabs expanded it during the 7th , 8th centuries. It had a massive damage during the 1827 earthquake and was renovated only during the 20th century. Almost a mile from the top to the Botanical garden in the bottom, it has stunning views of the city.

Chardin Street . Previously the Shardeni street is one of the oldest streets. It is located in the heart of Tbilisi. A most happening street with more of bars, restaurants, clubs, fashionable galleries and cafes. It is a favorite meeting spot for fancy gatherings and one of the major tourist attractions of Tbilisi. Shardeni Street was renamed after French jeweller and traveller Jean Chardin.

Old Baths - Tbilisi was built over the hot springs by its King. The water that comes out is with Sulphur and this gave birth to these Sulphur baths. Topped with red brick dome is a Suphur spring bath. It is a must visit to soak, scrub or have traditional massage beneath the roofs if you are a fan of it.

Funicular Trip to Mtatsminda Mountain - The holy mountain above the city is a better place for relaxation. It take 5 minutes to reach the top by cable train. As you are in the Cable train you can enjoy the spectacular views of the city. At top of mountain we will have Mtatsminda amusement park which is few minutes’ walk on reaching the mountain. There are video games, karting for kids, water slides and many other attractions in the park.

Jvari Monastery is located on the hill top near the town Mtskheta. It is one of the masterpiece of Christian conservative. This lively architectural form dates back to 4th century. Jvari is still used for major celebration. It is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Svetitskhoveli cathedral is another remarkable conservative of Christians in the town of Mtskheta. It is the second largest church of Georgia after the Holy Trinity Cathedral. It remained the burial place of Kings for centuries.  Church with notable history is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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